Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment.  In particular Sustainable Fashion.

NOVI Leisurewear is a Sustainably focussed Slow Fashion Brand.

What does that mean? Let's break that down for you:

SLOW FASHION basically means that we focus on producing made to order high-quality ethical products. We look at using Sustainable materials wherever possible, and when we can't find a high quality super sustainable material what do we do? We do our bit to make it that bit more sustainable to our brand, by saving all of the fabric off cuts to be able to make Zero waste items. No scrap gets left behind!

Another plus to being a small made to order business is that we can tailor each garment to your specific requirements. Fast fashion brands quite often churn out 'mainstream' sizes at impossibly low prices which sadly means that even the material is branded as 'sustainable', the manufacturing of the garment may not be entirely ethical. 

What makes NOVI Leisurewear Ethical?

Fair Pay, Good working conditions, NO EXPLOITATION of workers & Environmentally Conscious.

You'll often find that Small Ethical Businesses like ours charge more for their products. The main reasons for this?

Because we pay those who manufacturer our clothes a fair wage.

(In our case that means me, Meg because I am the sole maker of all that you see here at NOVI - although Alex is pretty dandy at tie-dyeing & branding... So really we're a two person business)

We also source high-quality materials because we want our customers to have the very best. This means that a bikini from us might cost you more than it would from one of the many Fast Fashion sites out there, but you can rest easy knowing the materials are good and the manufacturing process is fair too. 

We LOVE making clothes and accessories for all of our wonderful customers, and we feel that we should shout about the great products we make but also the MANY reasons that make them so great.