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Inside Leg

Sizing is super important to us here at NOVI. We like to celebrate ALL bodies. 

With each piece of clothing being made to order it gives us and you the ability to be flexible with our sizing so that you get the best fit for you to feel your most comfortable and (most importantly) confident.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes this is why as of 2021, our swimwear (some of our fashion range) is no longer made to 'standard' UK dress sizes (because let's be realistic, UK dress sizes are all over the shop and vary massively from brand to brand). All you need to do is take a few simple measurements as follows, and input them on the product page.


Take a tape measure and wrap it around the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape is as flat across your back as possible (and not dropping down). 


Repeat the process as you did for your bust, but this time wrapping the tape around the narrowest part of your waist (this is roughly 2.5cm above your belly button).


Same process again! Widest part of your hips (this is usually around your bum).

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Nape to Waist

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Body Rise

Nape to Waist

The nape to waist is another really helpful measurement that we use when making your suits. And is particularly key if you are perhaps a taller gal (5' 8" and above typically), as your measurement will quite often be a bit longer and this needs to be adjusted to ensure your suit fits you perfectly for your height, and doesn't feel like it's pulling on you or that it's too short in the body.

To take this measurement, place the tape at the back of the neck (where it meets the top of your spine) and measure straight down to your waist.

If you're wanting to add some extra length to your Surfie Rash Vest, Measure in the exact same way you would for your nape to waist measurement but continue the measurement down until the tape reaches the length you would want your Rash Vest to be. Then pop that measurement in for us as your FINISHED LENGTH measurement.

Body Rise for Suits, Shorts & Leggings

The body rise is a really helpful measurement that allows us to adjust the length in suits so that if you're a bit taller or shorter, your NOVIwear will still fit you just how you like it! This is a super simple measurement to take. All you need to do is sit on a flat surface such as a wooden chair (try and sit up fairly straight), and measure from the narrowest part of your waist, down to where your bum meets the seat.


For some our items, it helps us if we have a few extra measurements to ensure the item is made to your height. This is particularly important if you are perhaps slightly taller or shorter than average. For example, if you tend to need 'Petite' or 'Tall' sizes from high street stores, then these extra measurements are super important for you.

Inside Leg for Festi & Flowy Trousers

Take the tape measure and place '0' where the crotch seam of your jeans/leggings is. From there measure down to the floor (It's sometimes useful to have someone help you with this one). The reason we say the floor, is so that once you've got a pair of shoes on, the trouser will graze just off the floor. If you'd like your trousers a little shorter, stop the tape measure about an inch away from the floor.

Our Flowy & Festi Trousers require an Inside Leg measurement. The measurement you give will be the finished length of your trousers, so if you plan on rocking your trousers with some heels, we recommend taking your inside leg measurement with a pair of heels on if you'd like that bit of extra length on them.

Inside Leg for Surfseeker Leggings 

Same as you did for the Festi & Flowy Trousers, take the tape measure and place the '0' where the crotch seam is on your jeans/leggings. However, instead of taking the tape all the way to the floor, stop at the ankle bone to get your inside leg measurement for leggings.

Finished Length adjustment for Salty Bums Shorts

The standard finished length for out Salty Bums Booty Shorts is 3 inches down the inside leg seam. If you like your shorts to be a bit longer, that's no problem! Just repeat the process of measuring your inside leg as you would for the Surfseeker Leggings, but stop the tape at the length you would love your Shorts to be. We recommend a 10 inch inside leg measurement as the max finished length for our shorts.