Processing Times

As a small business, we don't typically hold much in pre-made stock. As each item is made to order please be aware that some of the items in your order may have slightly different processing times. Orders are only posted out once all items in the order are completed and ready to go. You are more than welcome to place separate orders if you wish to receive some items sooner than others.

In most cases orders are completed much quicker than the processing times stated below. These processing times are a guideline for the MAXIMUM wait time you will have between placing your order and your order being shipped out to you.

Accessories - Jewellery & Scrunchies

3 - 5 days max. Jewellery Orders typically turn around within 2 - 3 days but it can be up to 5 in a particularly busy period.

Scrunchies are typically pre-made stock and can be sent out within a day of ordering (if ordered on their own).


Due to the made to order nature of our swimwear, these take a little longer to complete. The max wait time is 7 - 14 days during busy periods. However if you have a holiday or event coming up and you desperately need something sooner, drop us a message on social media or send us an email and we'll let you know whether we can get it done in time.

Knits & Crochet 

Knitwear and Crochet garments vary in timescales to produce. Smaller Items such as Winter Hats and Headbands & Summer Bralettes take a max of 7 - 10 days.

Bigger items such as Knitted Jumpers and Crochet Tops take anywhere between 14 - 21days.


We hold a small number of stocked sizes of EarthPositive T-shirts which are then tailored to your selected design. The Max turn around time for T-shirts are 3 - 5 days.