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Swimwear 2020 Overview!

Here it is! The Swimwear range for 2020 is now released!

This has been a weird collection to produce, I'll admit that. Producing a swimwear collection when the world is going through such a strange and testing time is an odd feeling. Creating swimwear is something I love doing, and I, like so many others I know love to treat themselves to a new bikini for their summer holiday. Sadly, holidays abroad this summer seem to be looking less and less likely so STAYCATIONS it is!!!

Luckily for me, I live in Pembrokeshire where there are an abundance of beaches in the area and I'm now finally able to go out and about and shoot with my awesome photographer Lianna. Hopefully we'll be able to get more girls out for shoots with us by the end of the summer, but for now it's just me that you'll have to put up with to see how everything fits on the body! (But for the purposes of this overview, I've popped these all on a standard mannequin)

Anyway, time to get on to the bit that you're really here for... an overview of the Swimwear 2020 collection. I'll talk you through each of the pieces in the collection in a bit more detail, which will hopefully help you with choosing your favourite style.

As with all of the swimwear in the collection, each piece is handcrafted to order and full customisable to the colours and prints of your choosing. A really great thing about the swimwear is that all of the material is SUSTAINABLE. Each piece is made using regenerated nylon lycra that has been created by ECONYL® who source nylon (plastic) waste from landfills and oceans around the world to repurpose and transform into a recycled lycra that performs to the highest of standards. The fabric is super soft and breathable, but also stands up well against chlorine! I honestly can't bang on enough about how great this fabric is.

What's not to love? comfortable and well fitting swimwear that is also fashionable... and if that's not enough, it's sustainable! AWESOME.

So time to breakdown the different options in this years swimwear range...



There are 3 different swimsuits to choose from this year, all of which are reversible meaning a minimum of 2 different styles per suit (one swimsuit gives you the luxury of 4 different swimsuits in 1!)

Let's dive in (no pun intended) and look at the first of the suits...

The Freshwater Reversible Shoulder Tie Swimsuit

Brand New for this season is The Freshwater Shoulder Tie Swimsuit is reversible with two equally gorgeous sides to it.

The first side is split down the middle 50/50 style front and back with one side in block colour and the other side in a bold print (shown here in hot pink & Zebra).

On the reverse, is the same bold print you selected but

this time it's all over. The shoulder ties add a nice extra bit of detail but also make this suit a great option if you sometimes find that shoulder straps are either a bit loose or a bit tight on you (frustrating, especially when the rest of the suit fits perfectly, no one likes have to faff and constantly pull slippy straps back onto their shoulders).

Colours of the straps?

The colours of the straps will depend on what print and colour combinations you pick.

If you pick: Black & White Leopard, Floral, Multi Snakeskin or Zebra the ties will be in black (regardless of what colour you choose as your complimenting colour).

However, if you pick Intergalactic, the straps will be the same colour as your chosen complimenting colour in the 50/50 split side.

The cut on the back of the suit is very similar in style to the cut of the Harbour Briefs. It's what I would refer to as a 'cheeky cut'.

The cut means that you show a bit of bum (but not too much) and sits a little bit higher up on the hip.

Love the suit but want more coverage over the bum?

That's okay! When you go to checkout your order, just pop a little note in the comments section that you'd prefer for your suit to have a fuller coverage bum (like the Havens briefs) which I'll talk you through later on). This is something that is available for any of the full suits. You can request to have the fuller coverage or the cheeky cut instead!

  The Abereiddy Two-tone Swimsuit (4 in 1)

This piece is a returning style that got a lot of attention last year is the Abereiddy Two-tone Swimsuit which is a 4 in 1 suit. This is one of my personal favourite styles as it's so quirky but still feels like a classic style.

Here it is shown in two very popular colours, Khaki & Mango Crush.

The way this swimsuit is created means you can pack super light when we can finally go on summer getaways again, but still have 4 different poolside/beach looks to show off.

The suit is made up of two different colours which can either be worn showing one colour or with a twist through the centre to show off the two colours together.

The side cut outs that create the central panel down the from of the suit looks great when worn just as a block colour suit, but that key central panel over the tummy is what allows you to twist it and create a two-colour look. There are 5 different colours you can choose from to create your own mix and match 4 in 1 swimsuit.

The style of this suit is sporty. From the back, this suit looks like a bikini, made up of a sports bra style and low rise bikini briefs. The coverage on the bum is in the full coverage style (similar to that of the Havens briefs), however it is not a high-waisted finish, these are low rise in style and hug the hip bone. If you would like a cheekier style cut please leave it in the notes at the checkout, but this is something that can be added to your order, free of charge as I hand cut and make each of your orders as and when they come in.

The Nolton Scoop-back Reversible Swimsuit

Another Brand New edition for this season is the Nolton Scoop-back Swimsuit. It's another reversible style which looks great on everyone!

The cut of the Nolton is more modest and resembles your more classic swimsuit style.

The double-sided nature of this swimsuit is identical to the Freshwater suit.

One side full print(shown here in Multi Snakeskin) and the other side is 50/50 split print & block colour.

This suit has nice chunky straps which stay up and make you feel secure. The low scooping back adds a sexy (but still classy) twist to an otherwise classic swimsuit shape.

The cut of the swimsuit over the bum is a fuller coverage style (very similar to that of the Havens range of briefs. However, as with all swimsuit orders, if you would prefer the cheekier bum coverage option, just leave a comment at the checkout and I will make this adaption when I being to make your order.

If you are ever unsure what bum coverage is the standard for the suit your ordering, just state your preference at the checkout anyway, nothing is ever too much to ask!



There are 2 different cuts to choose from this year, the Harbour briefs which offer a cheekier coverage cut, and the Havens (available in the original as well as the new for this year reversible option) which gives you a fuller coverage over the bum as well as the added comfort of a high-waisted, hip hugging shape.

The Harbour Reversible Briefs

A brand new cut for the 2020 season. This style is effortlessly classy and sexy all rolled into one. The way these are cut creates a little scoop at the front and back centres which helps to create the illusion of a higher hip bone (very flattering!). Currently these briefs are available with a bold print on one side and a block colour on the reverse. These briefs pair perfectly with the Newgale Bandeau top and also the Marloes Sports style Bikini top, and not to mention the already extremely popular Whitesands Tie Up Bikini Top.

The Havens Original High-waisted Briefs

These Briefs are the stand out BEST SELLERS from the 2019 launch collection. Available in a variety of plain colours as well as bold prints, they are perfect if you like a nice modest coverage over the bum but also cut high enough over the hip to give everyone a flattering shape. The brief hugs to the hips and has a nice chunky elasticated waistband for extra support.

This is definitely the option to go for if you like to feel sexy but secure in your swimwear, without flaunting too much skin. If you'd like to have a little less coverage over the bum but want the high-waisted style with the elasticated band, just drop a note at the checkout that you'd like a cheekier coverage over the bum (the cut would be the same coverage as the Harbour briefs). There is never an additional charge for this feature, just something that I like to offer my customers, so that they get the most out of their swimwear and have it exactly how they like it. You shouldn't have to compromise on design!

The Havens Reversible High-Waisted Brief

New for 2020 is the Reversible Havens Briefs. Same cut and shape as the original best-selling briefs, however this style doesn't have the elasticated waistband. Currently available to buy with a print on one side and a block colour on the other. These are fully reversible and are great for pairing up with a reversible top to create mix & match bikini looks.



With 4 different styles of tops in the mix & match range to choose from, you're spoilt for choice! 3 out of 4 are reversible styles too so essentially you're getting 2 bikinis for the price of 1!

The Marloes Reversible Print/Colour Bikini Top

The Marloes Bikini top is the sportiest style of bikini top on offer in the 2020 collection. It's also effortlessly simple in style but looks great in both print and plain colour. It's quite a cropped style and the finished length sits just below the bust. With hidden elastic in the underbust to provide a bit of extra support, it's a perfect style no matter your shape or size. The sample is shown here with black & white leopard print and hot pink on the reverse. The scoop neck is fairly modest so if you are bigger busted it will show a bit of chest but shouldn't be too much that you feel like you'll fall out!

The back of the top has a nice low scoop which gives the more bikini style look to this top, as opposed to a traditional racerback style finish you'd find on a sports top.

The Marloes top looks great when paired with both the the Harbour briefs & the Havens briefs.

The Newgale Reversible Bandeau

The Newgale Reversible Bandeaus are a super popular style! Currently there are two options available, reversible with two different block colours, and reversible with print & colour.

The Bandeau is a fairly low support top, some people may prefer to go down a size to give themselves a bit of extra support. The bandeau is fitted with hidden elastic to help give you an even better fit. The top is also slightly wider than the bottom which follows the natural curves of our bodies.

This is such a classic style and is a swimwear staple. It's also great if you want to catch a tan with minimal tan lines.

It pairs great with both the reversible Harbour briefs and the reversible Havens briefs.

The Barafundle Printed Plunge Top

The Barafundle plunge top is one of the most supportive and flattering designs in the collection that is 100% suitable no matter your body type.

This bikini top is one of my absolute favourites! I have spent such a long time working on it and refining it to make sure it is the perfect combination of comfy and flattering. It's so comfy that there have been numerous occasions where I opt to where mine as an everyday sports bra!

There are straps once again are nice and chunky and this particular top has an extra supportive elastic under the bust band. The back of the top is very similar to the Marloes top with a nice low scoop back, but as wlays the chunky straps prevent any unwanted slippy straps that you have to constantly pull back up onto your shoulders. This top is the only non reversible one in this years collection. It is currently only available in the printed option (if you want it in a plain, drop me a message and I'd be more than happy to whip up a plain colour one if you prefer!), it pairs really well with the Havens original briefs. If you're looking for a great all around bikini top that's the perfect combination of comfortable, stylish and practical, this is definitely the one!

The Whitesands Tie Up Reversible Top

And finally onto the Whitesands Tie Up Top (also available as a set with the tie up bottoms which can only be bought in the set).

This top is another brand new style for the 2020 collection, and since launching has stormed away as a stand out favourite!

It's such a classic and because it's reversible, once again you get two bikinis in one! I always make sure there is plenty of length on the ties of the bikinis so that you have plenty to tie up with. There isn't any padding in this bikini (as with all of the bikini tops), but you don't need it, just tie up nice and tight and it will hug to your chest and give you a fairly good amount of support for what is quite a skimpy bikini. Naturally, this style is never going to be super supportive to larger busts but it looks great no matter your size!

The sizing on the bikini top is XS through to 1XL. There's no right or wrong with which size you should go for with these, it's more about how much coverage you want over the bust. For example; I am generally a size 10-12 (but I can also be a size 14 in the hips), i tend to wear a M in the tie up top (and when selecting the briefs I go for a 10, the beauty of a tie up options, means they are super adjustable). But I could also wear a L in the top if i was wanting more coverage, or i could go with a S if i wanted a skimpier bikini look.


So that's it! That's the overview of all pieces in the 2020 collection done and dusted!! Thank you for reading and I hope it'll help you if you're stuck deciding. If you have any questions send me an email and I'll always be happy to answer and guide you!

I'll try and get a comprehensive size guide article written up for anyone who could do with a little extra in depth info to help them when it comes to choosing the best size.

Lots of love,

Meg x