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I Started a Blog!


So I’ve decided to start up a little blog page for anyone who is interested in finding out more of what goes on behind the scenes and inside the thought processes of how I run my small handmade, environmentally aware business. Anyone who knows me knows I'm an honest person who says it how it is and rarely sugar coats things (So expect this blog to be no different). I wear my heart on my sleeve and try to do good as much as I can. It’s also fair to say that I can talk for Wales, something my Father used to (and still does) always say to me, so I think this is a great place for me to also share that bit of extra information that I can’t quite squeeze into a short post on the social media platforms.

Also (I apologise about grammar… English was never a subject I was particularly good at… I type how I speak… 100 Miles Per Hour!)


So here we go…

Hi! I’m Megan (I mainly go by Meg – only my boyfriend actually calls me Megan), the founder and one woman army that creates everything that is NOVI wear.

(I hate looking straight at a camera... something you might notice in product photos).

I started up NOVI wear in June 2019, purely because I love creating and making beautiful things for people to wear and for me it is so satisfying seeing something I have put time, effort and passion into making being worn and appreciated by someone else.

I trained as a Costumier at Birmingham City University and graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in July 2018. I worked in industry for a year and whilst I love everything to do with theatre, I never got to create pieces that fulfilled my own vision… NOVI allows me to do just that.

Since moving into my own home with my partner Alex (who features in quite a few photoshoots, sometimes a little reluctantly), I’ve tried to find ways to make our lives that bit more eco-friendly and just generally being more aware of our beautiful earthly surroundings (I love having so many stunning beaches on our doorstep that lend themselves so brilliantly for photoshoots). I’m aware it’s not always possible to live a 100% eco-friendly life and that’s okay, but by trying to do little bits it’s helping our world become a better place. This is something I do my best to incorporate into my business wherever possible. I try and use recycled/regenerated fabrics for swimwear and sportswear, and as many natural and organic fabrics as possible for my other clothing too. Granted, as one person I won’t be solving all of the world’s problems but I’m trying to make the world a slightly happier and kinder place one handmade garment at a time.

Being a one person business can be really challenging at times but it’s so rewarding every time an order comes in or every time a social media post gets a couple of likes and shares. It makes what I love doing feel worth the while. Every late night I put in at the start trying to pull everything together… all the hairs I pull out over website designing… every time somebody shows some love and kindness to my small business it’s overwhelming and genuinely I do this little happy dance inside.

I like to keep my brand image as natural as I can, no excessive airbrushing, no being made up to the nines, the heart of the brand is about loving who you are and just embracing what you’ve got and trying to put out happiness and positivity into the world.

I don’t try to push anyone into to being more environmentally aware – that’s your individual decision. I am by no means as Environmentally friendly as I can be but I do try my best to do my bit for the Planet!

If you like my clothing and what I make then that’s brilliant, it just also happens that this business tries to make a positive impact on the planet with the materials used and the message we put out there.

If you’ve read this far, Thank you!

I like being able to ramble on about various topics and share my life with those who visit my website. My business is my life, and each order I pour my whole heart into making because I LOVE what I do.

Until the next post…

Meg x