I'm Meg, the founder and owner of NOVIwear.

I live in the idyllic Welsh County of Pembrokeshire, right on the coast in the far West of Wales.

I guess being surrounded by so many beautiful beaches where you can go for a swim or a run across whenever you like, it inspired me to start my own swimwear and gymwear range, which in the autumn and winter months expands into a knitwear range too. If I'm honest, I just love creating beautiful clothing and pieces for all bodies, owning my own business it's a dream for me.

The name NOVI?

It comes from the Welsh word 'Nofio' which means to swim. I'm proud of my Welsh heritage and after playing about with loads of names, NOVI just stuck.

Everything in my shop is made to order so please be patient and understanding, I sew & knit as fast as I can but I am only one human!

I try wherever possible to use as many natural or recycled fibres in my clothing as possible in a bid to help the Environment. Sadly natural or 100% recycled isn't always possible but I do my best to be as green as I can!

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for supporting a small business in the big wide world!

If you'd like a more in depth look into the ins & outs of our business, check out our Ramblings Page (Also hidden in the info tab in the menu).